George Lynch Mr. Scary, my all time Hero!

The bones, the skulls, the man himself!

George’s best known about his incredible guitar work with the band Dokken in the early eighties. From 1983 to 1988 Lynch recorded four impressive studio albums and a forceful live recording „beast from the east“ which achieve platinum and multiplatinim sales. George has grown to become one of rock’s most influential guitarists that time. The band broke up for some reason, as a result in 1990 George’s created his own supergroup „Lynch Mob“. In just three years, the Mob released two records. The first record release was in 1990 called „Wicked Sensation“. In 1992 there followed up a second longplayer called just Lynch mob.

In 1993 George released his first soloalbum „George Lynch sacred groove“. On this Album George demonstrate yet again that he’s one of the best Rock/Metal Player on the planet. His phrasing and tone is just not from this earth. George career spanning more than thirty years, George has recorded more than twenty albums and still hit the road with different kind of projects.

You can find tons of videos at YouTube, check them out. Don’t forget to buy George’s music on CD, Itunes or Amazon to keeping this man alive!

People who only download or share music they destroy the musicbusiness!!!